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How to create a Great Logistics Company in India?

How to create a Great Logistics Company in India?

By: TQS Logistics

A bold vision statement can be written by any organization, but great leadership is required to turn that goal into daily reality inside its corporate culture. A positive work environment begins at the top and filters down to every employee, regardless of their position.

Logistic and supply chain management company and third-party logistics providers are no exception. Ensure that the message is heard across the supply chain, from the CEO down to the warehouse and distribution centres, to develop a high-performance culture that is aligned with your core values.

Metrics like better productivity and improved staff morale can demonstrate the value of this approach, but defining your company's core principles is simply the first step. You'll also need to figure out how to successfully communicate those principles to all levels of management and employees. You risk a collapse in your corporate culture if you don't put an explicit focus on communication.

Finding the correct technique for communicating these values throughout your supply chain organization might mean the difference between a good company and a great one. Financial stability, a customer-centric strategy, being the best, exercising servant leadership, keeping integrity, and making a difference, both for our workers and our community, are the six values we live by.

According to Forbes, an approach like this might pay dividends in multiple ways. For starters, TQS Logistics practices to minimize employee absenteeism, reduce costly turnover, and increase overall employee happiness. It's no secret that happier employees lead to happier customers, therefore supply chain organizations with a happy, healthy workforce are more likely to have clients who share that outlook.

“The secret to successful leadership is influence, not authority," business expert Ken Blanchard once said. There are many lessons to be learned from this quote, but the basic line is that when you lead by example and adopt a servant-leader mind-set, you are creating an example that will pervade your company's culture. We at TQS Logisticsare committed to fulfilling our principles every day. Here's how to do it yourself.

HOW TO BUILD A STRONG ORGANIZATION “At TQS Logistics we focus on creating a strong foundation by applying best organization practices. We don’t hesitate to be the first to apply new changes. We started our journey as a logistics company in Delhi and we aim to be the best example of great work culture in the logistics industry.”

The following scenarios to put this idea into practice: As part of the employment process, mention your values: You can get a feel of whether a person will be a good cultural fit for your firm by asking the correct questions during the initial interview. Monitoring new employees for any signals of difficulties during the on boarding process will result in predictable, repeatable success more often than not.

Provide corporate training: We're not talking about forced "rah-rah" sessions here, but rather an attitude that is open and honest. Employees will quickly notice if you say one thing and do another, so use training events to be open, honest, and to set expectations.


Values should be prominently displayed in the workplace: Motivational posters are ubiquitous in conference rooms and break rooms for a reason: they work on both the conscious and subconscious levels. Use these posters to model the most significant values in your firm. It's best if you can provide as much positive reinforcement as possible.

Measure engagement and core value alignment: Why don't you establish KPIs for employee engagement and satisfaction like you do for business metrics? This can range from a fast, informal survey to a stroll across the park with the boss on a particularly pleasant day. Warehouse Companies of India Employees who are treated as equals and invited into the conversation, in our experience, will surprise you with their thoughts. Long-term success requires keeping your finger on the pulse of the culture.

There is a great opportunity in the fields of transportation and logistics and we, TQS Logistics Services are working hard every day to provide convenient, hassle-free, spontaneous, professional level service to our customers as well as we are constantly working on providing a healthy work environment to our staffs, workers, and managers.