Express Services

Express Services

TQS Logistics delivers a comprehensive range of express distribution services that give you the flexibility to select as per your business requirement. You could decide and customize express transportation services according to your requirement and comfort. We propose cost-effective and time-sensitive services for a parcel, freight, and different cargo movement.

You might have an urgent shipment that needs to be delivered within a certain amount of time. We can provide you with a solution. We complete it on schedule. TQS Logistics’ network spans India, with 19,101 PINs and 1,54,725 post offices. We provide world-class service while respecting our customers’ time, convenience, and confidence. We believe in service delivery methods that are dependable, modern, adaptable, cost-effective, and timely. We also provide a heavy goods service, which includes the warehousing and transportation of major electrical products, white goods, furniture, and sports equipment, using our wide PAN-India network and PTL services.

It's a service created to satisfy the high demands of today’s enterprises, where reliability and timeliness are essential.

Express logistics refers to the delivery of goods to customers in a timely and safe manner. Safety, accuracy, and responsiveness are the three fundamental foundations of this service.

  • We take accountability for the security of your goods as our utmost priority
  • We complete consignments on schedule with accuracy
  • we are always responsive to the needs and requirements of our clients

There are a few elements that influence the decision to use express transportation services:

  • Expenses Involved
  • Transporting Capacity
  • Convenience
  • Pilferage
  • Duration of transit

TQS gives importance to all these factors and provides the Best Express Transportation Services to our customers. We believe in doing our best and customer satisfaction is our main motto. Our costs are less and the time duration is accurate, we don’t delay completing our express transportation services and with full effectiveness our transportation services are amazing.

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