Fleet Services

Fleet Services

TQS Logistics is the nation's leader in fleet services because we tailor supervision programs to each client's needs by utilizing our best staff and proprietary technologies. Our Managed Fleet Care package is customizable to match your needs, from a single vehicle or trailer to a fleet of thousands. We can help you with preventative maintenance or bumper-to-bumper service.

Fleet management is used by businesses that rely on transportation to regulate expenses, productivity, fuel management, and compliance. As a result, fleet management entails a variety of activities to keep vehicles and operations going properly. The use of technology and software solutions to assist cut costs, enforce driver safety, minimize risk, boost productivity, and plan preventive maintenance to avoid downtime are all examples of fleet vehicle management best practices. We provide a fleet management service that allows businesses that rely on transportation to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with vehicle interest, improve efficiency and productivity, reduce overall transportation and staff expenses, and provide 100 percent compliance with government legislation (duty of care), among other things.

Benefits of Choosing Us!

  • Uptime and performance are improved with comprehensive fleet services
  • Streamline the process of tracking all branch transactions in one spot
  • Bookings, deliveries, payments, and invoices are all under your complete control
  • Multi-company, branch, and user management
  • Business, payables, outstanding, and automobile transactions assessments
  • Financial accounting from all transporting transactions is automated

TQS values all of these elements and strives to provide the best Express transportation services to our clients. We believe in doing our best and prioritizing customer happiness. Our prices are lower, and our delivery times are correct; we don't waste time finishing our rapid transportation services, and our transportation services are fantastic.

Industries that we support from our Fleet Services

We offer our services to practically every industry and guarantee that no services are delayed. Our goal is to contribute to the logistics and supply chain services required by our customers. By providing excellent service We work in the following industries.

  • Commerce Automotive Industry
  • Lifestyle Healthcare
  • Fashion Industry Furniture Industry
  • Fashion Industry Furniture Industry
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Industrial Sector Paint Industry and more..
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